Table Names


Jonathon and I debated on table names for many days. We thought about naming them after places we love, places that are meaningful to us, people we admire, things we have done together, favorite books, places in Harry Potter, people in Harry Potter.

Finally, we decided when we found out that we would have 7 tables to name them after Harry Potter books.

Why? Harry Potter could define us. When I first starting hanging out with Jonathon I knew we both loved  Harry Potter. But we went to my aunt’s pool one hot June day and talked about Harry Potter for hours. We’d text each other tricky questions, watch the movies, discuss theories of the last 2 books, and basically just be Harry Potter kids.

So, with Harry being such a big part of our lives we knew we had to include it somewhere. The table names are perfect.  We have them all set out and named now.  I was wondering how to do the table names. I decided I’d print out the book covers on a heavy cardstock and put up. Then, in the book themed tablescape anyway I’d put that book somewhere.

*Image found on google image search. ** Goblet of Fire is my favorite.

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