I Know That I Am, I am, I am the Luckiest

I’m sitting here listening through my prelude playlist. I considered every song on my iTunes. I have a 3 hour playlist for the prelude. Same for my postlude. Oops. So I am trying to cull through a lifetime of words that make me think of my fiancé. I truly know that I am the luckiest girl ever. I have a boy who adores me for all that I am and even for things I am not. Good god, that boy is amazing.  So, it’s hard to cut back on the songs. And I don’t want to be sappy or play something that has been played a 100 times before.

I do know that I will play some of our songs. We have whole CDs that is “ours”. Heck we might even have a boxed set. So, it’s hard to bring a boxed set into 2 CDS. Plus, music is so important to me and my friends. Music is something we live and breathe. How do you pick?

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