I Want Pizza

I just read a post over at Offbeat Bride about this post on Craigslist. The writer of said post talks about what she doesn’t want at her wedding. The laundry list of things the writer didn’t want made me laugh and sympathize. Thus, I thought in the spirit of both posts I would give you a list of what I didn’t and don’t want and what I did want instead based on my own experiences. Plus, I believe the best way to start planning a wedding is to decide what is important, what you like and don’t like (including your fiance in this please!!).

I don’t want mints. I don’t want anyone to make mints. I like mints, but I really don’t want pastel anything let alone after dinner mints. I don’t want pink anything. No tulle. I hate tulle and I would rather not see tulle. I don’t want fake flowers that have no smell an unnatural color or glitter. I don’t want fake flowers period. I don’t want an unset table. People need to eat and they need plates to do it on that are not paper. I don’t want to have a ungreen mess of paper plates and plastic cups. I don’t want chicken or ham biscuits or pigs in anything. I don’t want plastic linens. I really don’t want a church fellowship hall. I don’t want a massive ballroom or fake plastic diamonds dripping off every surface. I don’t want a mass of gem encrusted anything. I don’t want a big, poufy, white dress that looks like the one every one wore. I don’t want a big flower on the side of my head. I don’t want to wear red lipstick that will smear on my husband’s face. I don’t want to wear a birdcage veil or have a bird theme or any way think of birds (except birdseed because it’s winter and I want to feed the birds). I don’t want to hear Bless the Broken Road at all that night. Seriously. I don’t want fireworks or a big production.

What I do want is a simple family get together with people and friends and family that I love. I want to have a good time. I want to dance with my friends at the after party in a short nonfussy dress. I want to wear orange. I want to be able to know every guest by name. I want lots of yummy deserts that my family makes. I want dishes that can be washed and used again. I want a table set with a nice table cloth and silverware. I want real flowers that smell and look stunning all by themselves the way flowers are supposed to look. I want a dining room and church and candles. I want the whole event to feel warm and my guests feel loved and welcome and cozy. I want to wear bold eyeshadow and no lipstick like I usually do. I want to have good music that touches my soul and makes me happy and alive. I want to look in my husband’s eyes and feel like this is the one moment that I know what it really feels like to be in love. I want the whole production to be about our love and how much we care and the commitment we are making to each other more than some silly ceremony that gets us closer to the reception. And I want pizza. Good pizza handmade from a local Italian place that makes everything authentically Italian.

*For all the people whose wedding I have been to, I promise that I in no way judge whether your wedding sucked or not. It was your wedding and it was beautiful and special and perfectly you.

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