Save the Dates!!!

I know that you saw the cute sunflower stamp I posted in a recent post about our Save the Dates. But since I have confirmed many people have them already... without further ado... my Save the Dates!!!!

The envelopes were typed out on an old fashioned type writer. No stamps here.

The actual Save the Dates were printed on old school library cards (I got them at a library supply shop). Each person got a different booked that they "checked out". The stamp in the middle basically gives them the information again. The date of check out is our wedding date, the library is our own (yes we own every book we let them check out), and the room is the chapel we will be married at.

We finished them off with cute Moo stickers with images of us from the library shoot of our engagement shot and a few other favorites. I have more images to upload later if you want to see more.

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  1. I would like to see the engagement pics!!!!!


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