maybe I am a Pollyanna

I'm home in lovely east TN for Spring break. It's a nice getaway with temperatures in the 70's. Spring is in the air. This time of year reminds me of when Jonathon and I first started dating years ago. I mean, it was about this time. It was all Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes, parks, sunshine, love, and one magical moment after the next.

Today, Jonathon is in Chicago and I miss him, but I know that he is the man for me. I adore everything about him. When it gets like this I miss him terribly and it reminds me not to take him for granted.

I also lost my job. Well, not yet. As of May 1st I am cut out of the college's budget. So, as of May 1st (unless I get the Advising job or another job) I am out of a job. Which I am dealing with proactively and feeling somewhat light about. I have a mirage of infinite possibilities in front of me and I love it.

Fortunately, the wedding is almost paid for and that is not a concern. However, the house thing may be put on hold. Although I have a feeling that we will be getting this house anyway. I feel a tingle of living there and I can see it so clearly I am almost living it. So, we shall see, but we won't get into a financial pickle for it.

Tomorrow, I start work on pew wreaths with my mom (stay tuned for pictures sometime next week) and go talk to a seamstress about my second dress. Otherwise, life is still looking pretty good. I have a wonderful fiance, great family, awesome friends, and a roof over my head. I think all will be well.

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