The man I adore


There are probably 4 billion reasons I love Jonathon. There are so many wonderful things about him. He gets me. He can look at me and see when I am sad, hurt, or upset. He holds me when I cry. He gives me the most amazing forehead kisses. Especially, at 7 am when neither one of us want to wake up for work. He tries to warm me up when I am cold. He cleans the house when I sleep. He does little things to make me happy. He buys me surprises. He remembers things that I do. He helps me, calms me, takes care of me. I knew Jonathon was the man for me when Ms. Sutherland (my long time mentor and theatre professor) died suddenly. I was outside waiting for him to come pick me up and take me back to campus. I break down crying, sitting in the grass and he comes picks me up and gets me back to campus… he leaves class for this. But he’s also fun, spontaneous, and full of charm, old school southern boy manners, and love.

This is another reason. Jonathon may not care too much about the details of the wedding… like the flowers or the linens. But he does remember and care. He handed me 2 glass empty of candle Yankee Candles last night. He told me to put them in the freezer so we would have them for the wedding. (My idea of reusing the glass jars from old candles for new outdoor candle holders is why we are saving these… we burn around 7 at a time and it makes sense.. reuse!) And now he lights the candles and says we gotta have them for the wedding. He makes me smile.

I got a keeper. The only man who understands when I look at him and know I need to be held when I sigh.

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