Spring means flowers

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Isn’t the wrapping Peculiar Pair wraps it’s invitations in lovely? I adore cutely wrapped parcels.  Speaking of lovely, I had a meeting with my awesome florist, Brenda, on Friday. She worked with me and Jonathon for a long time. She brought it home that I had not decided on an altar design. I haven’t even thought about it. Well, I have but got frustrated and walked away from it.  This is my secret bridal shame. I can’t decide on how to decorate the main stage. I have this sob worthy, truly expresses our love ceremony, the pew decor, the windows dressed, the programs are coming along… and I can’t pick the main focus. Oh well. It will come to me.

Back to Brenda, we decided to let the mothers and grandmothers pick between wristlets and corsages. She is going to sell me the flowers for the reception at wholesale and possibly for the ceremony and do my bouquet and flower girl’s pomander.

I’m kind of impressed Jonathon liked Brenda (though it is hard not to she is so incredible) as she is a Georgia fan. SEC (and especially UT) fans should know what this means. But we had a very good meeting. My bouquet you ask?


This completely feminine number via the knot. Only in all white… except however, it will be all white roses, ranunculus, white lavender, and a few gold roses for color. The feathers and ribbon will both be white. Hand tied, stems exposed. I think the girly bouquet is the complete opposite of my dress and I wanted it to be a juxtaposition.

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