The Christmas Ball Wreath

The first DIY project that I am going to detail for you on how to do. I’m not completely done with it yet. I still need to add the ribbon to tie it to the doors, but this is the basics. The ribbon part is the easy part.


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Get a wire hanger and mold it into a circle. (It does not need to be a completely perfect circle, just mostly a circle.

Step 2:

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Twist the top part apart but leave it so that you can twist it back later.

Step 3:

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Start piling on the Christmas balls. You can use any color or size you want and multiple sizes. Just make sure it looks full and there are plenty of balls. (In theory you should secure the balls to their little loopy tops with a hot glue gun. I didn’t do this on these, but if any come loose I will.)

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Halfway done.

Step 4:

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After you finished with the balls, close the top again and twist it so that it can hang properly. Then, you attach a ribbon around the top. I know that part is vague since I haven’t done that step yet.

I got my idea from Eddie Ross. This could help more with clarification.

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