Books and Fireplaces (I saved this and forgot it yesterday.)

I love this image found on The Inspired Room. It combines two of my favorite things: fireplaces and books scattered about. It makes me happy. That is two things we must have in our home.. books and a fireplace. Although some people would argue that we already have too many books.

Yesterday, I got so busy at work I couldn't share with you my wedding nightmare. I dreamt that I didn't have my programs designed let alone printed, my music done, and I hadn't even scheduled a hair appointment. I didn't freak though. I made my programs to be printed on our printer, started making the playlist with itunes, and called my Matron of Honor (and a student of cosmetology for many years) to do my hair. And I had to bake a cake. Fun times. It is ironic though. I have already designed the cover of our programs, and I have 5 playlists going that I keep editing, rearranging, and changing. So, I know that is covered. I have a gift card to the spa already for my hair. So, I believe I am all set in those areas.

I am working on my entrance song. I always thought I knew what I'd play, but now I am wondering if that is what I'll play. Well, have played since our amazing friend Josh is going to play his acoustic guitar and sing for us. What are you playing for your entrance song?

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