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I wish my whole wedding planning experience was as stress free as ordering my invitations from Peculiar Pair Press.

I sent in my fax today. Today, like 2 hours ago today. And Mary Beth has already called and is working on my proof!!! And she'll be done with it today! Today. Umm wow.

The Story about the Invitations
I really wanted letterpress. I had talked to a few presses. I wasn't sold. I was kind of saddened and prepared to design my own invites that I would have been like these could be better because I made them and I am my own worst critic. So. Enter Peculiar Pair Press. I saw the beautiful Henna invite and was hooked, but the price? Amazing. I quickly said yes.

Over Christmas break, my bridesmaids and I (mostly Jane) agonized over the details (Saffron or Sunset? Maybe Creamsicle? What about Sienna for the script? What time? I don't know what time? Amy, it's really not that much of a difference.) Those were actual conversations while Jonathon sat in the corner and rolled his eyes at us.

I sat down Monday on my trusty typewriter and typed out the order. I faxed it in today. And my proofs are almost done?! That is unheard of!

If I were to recommend a stationer for your wedding needs, and you want to splurge reasonably on letterpress.. please contact Mary Beth or Amy at Peculiar Pair. They are amazing. Mary Beth called me promptly, listened to me ramble about yoga, planning details, and cats (okay not cats, but everything else).

Stay tuned for pictures when they become available. And for the post on my STDs. (Coming... soonish. I promise as soon as they are in the mail.)

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