Post Holiday Wedding Shopping

Our post holiday shopping for pretty baubles has went well. I managed to get all the things you see below for less than $50. I was pretty impressed. I don't need anymore baubles now for my reception. I'm still not sure how I plan to decorate the ceremony space, but I have plenty of pretty things. And should I need more I can grab some more next Christmas time.

I just need the glass jars now for the centerpieces and some pretty flowers. I won't use many, but some fresh flowers are always welcome. I was glad to get the break from the expenses. Plus, I used a gift card from my father for Christmas. So, these were technically free. I know it seems weird to spend Christmas gift money on a wedding, but in reality Jonathon and I can use these again in our home for Christmas times in the future.

I hope you all had a great Christmas!! I hope you got some quality time with your family and friends. I am off all next week so I will be posting regular blogs I hope as I rearrange our place.

For the mantle place at the reception venue.

Pretty wreaths to decorate.

Our spoils.

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