Fumbling for a pencil...

Well, with less than a year to go... I'm starting to get into some details. I am thinking more about music now that I am not hiring a DJ. It's mad. I realized last night that I have laid out all this beautiful music for the ceremony, but I have no clue about an exit song. And the oh shit moment kicks in.

So, Jonathon and I go through my itunes looking for something. We played everything from Baby Got Back (no we aren't using that) to First Day of my Life (again, nope). I'm stuck. I've been listening to possibles all day. Any suggestions?

It frustrates me so much because I am the Queen of good music. People will expect this to be perfect. They will expect my music to be something completely unique and beautiful. I want the exit song to be completely unexpected. I want people to laugh after crying, but I still want it to be a beautiful love song. Sigh.

I'm also working with makeup schemes. I really don't want boring useless makeup. I want it to look classic, timeless and be pretty, but also express my unique makeup attitude. I'm thinking a soft orange hint tint and a gold eye.

Or maybe something like this? (Found on flickr awhile ago so, I'm not sure where... sorry. If it's yours let me know so I can credit you.)

But I don't know that I feel that either. I guess I'll just have to play with it. Being a makeup artist (part time) makes it seem completely plausible that I will do not only my makeup, but most of the wedding party. So... sad face. I hate having blocks.

Rocking: Promise x Butch Walker
Feeling: frustrated

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