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I feel like posting rather a bit this weekend. Maybe it's because with all the Christmas love in the air (which like colds seems to be solved with Airborne, because taking the Airborne to keep the colds away [nasty college kids] has also kept away my usual enthusiastic and somewhat over the top Christmas cheer), I know I will not be home next week. That's right I will be in TN with my family and friends for a week.

But I was thinking about our wedding theme. It was hard for me to narrow down a theme to our wedding and in reality (while we do have an overall theme: books) we don't have a discernible theme. We have the book cake my mom commissioned (which I imagine will look like the picture...or something similar.. from here). We have our book themed STDs. We have our book centerpieces, what our attendants are carrying, and several other aspects. We also have a very lovely color scheme (orange, gold, and ivory), India inspired invitations, Christmas style decorations, and I'm praying it snows. Lol. It's too hard to narrow down or define J Rock and I. We both love so much. And those things are so diverse (Chinese history, India, books, the color orange, UT football, and sooooo much more) that there isn't one thing that defines us. But I am glad for this because it means that we are unique, interesting people.

Anyway, be prepared dear friends and family for a diverse, somehow all pulled together wedding.
Did I mention I hope it snows?

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