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Okay, so I am a tad late, but I fell asleep reading Glamour's Britney issue. However, while reading it... I got my fitness tip for the week for you. A girl in glamour lost 7 pounds in 31 days? How you ask? She did push ups for one minute every day for 31 days. (Admittedly she said she ate better because she was thinking about those push ups before she grabbed treats though.) But for all of us busy working women, brides, bridesmaids, wives, homemakers, and superwomen this could be a very helpful proposition. It can be a way to ease into a fitness routine and help you ban the all or nothing mentality of exercise.

So, my vow from now until the end of January I am going to do 1 minute of crunches (if nothing else). So, for the next 41 days (since well 41 days is okay with me) 1 singular minute of exercise. Join me if you like.. pick an exercise targeted to what you want to accomplish (sleek arms? push ups or downward dogs. better booty or legs? squats or lunges. better abs? crunches or the plank. better cardio? walk in place for one minute.) and commit to doing it for one minute. What could one tiny minute hurt?
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