The Countdown Begins

Today, it is officially the one year countdown until our wedding. It feels like I have been planning this forever (and I have). I started planning our wedding 6 months ago. I have an extremely hectic job, vendors in ATL book up fast, and I knew I would need at least 18 months to plan this wedding in a way that would make me happy and be elegant and classic.

It has been a long journey so far. But with everyday comes the new challenge of knowing it is always less than a year away. I still have much to do. I am very far ahead though. But with my job it was a necessity to do it this way and stay sane.

So what's next for us and our wedding plans? (I haven't talked much about this lately.) I am finished with our actual Save the Dates. I am now working on the envelopes. Then, the STDs go out next month sometime or maybe later. I start looking for a dress. I plan a menu and work on music. Those are my biggest tasks right now. I'm also working on look book for the bridesmaids. (Or attempting to.. I haven't had time really to get down and dirty and work on them.)

The most important thing I am working on (and I know it will get a ton of revision) is our ceremony script. I want it to be moving, elegant, classic, heartfelt, and beautiful.

It's counting down now.

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