WWW: what a catch

Today has been so good. Nothing major has happened. I woke up to CNN offering me up some morning happiness. I downloaded a spoof. It's an Obama spoof of Whatever You Like by T-Pain (or at least involving T Pain like most songs of the rap genre.) Then, I listened to part of the new Britney album, the new Butch Walker album, and the new Fall Out Boy album. But I also sorta decorated for Christmas, wrapped presents and half cleaned our messy place. I have started marinating supper for my love (I like the cooking thing.).

I have possibly found our invitations. I caught up on the blog world, have been reading through my new massive issue of Brides. My coffee table is a mess of STDS and envelopes and basically a mess. But it's creative wedding things. I can't wait to show you our STDs. But I must until after I send them out.

I feel creative and inspired today. Which brings me to my general wish today. (Note: not wedding wish) I wish that everyone who reads this is having a good day or feels inspired or creative today. I hope so anyway. I hope you guys who are having a bad day gets a 180 and your day because awesome.

*Sneak peak: Image from our digital scrapbook/guestbook. This is the gift card that came with my birthday present one year from J Rock. It was my favorite store too (sephora)!

Rocking: Obama x Whatever I Like (Spoof)
Feeling: Happy

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