My wedding wish this week isn't a wedding wish at all!

*pauses a moment for the shocked*

It's rather a newly wed house wish! I wish that Jonathon and I had this bed or the money to buy it.

The bed is the Super Set from Pottery Barn Teen.

It has storage underneath. (We could use this for winter jackets, blankets, etc. that we just have thrown in our hall closet.) It has book shelves on either side. (Have I mentioned our extensive book collection?) It has a shelves built into the headboard. It even has a bookshelf above the headboard. (Did I mention we have a ton of books?!?!)

Oh Pottery Barn, why do you tease me with useful, beautiful things that I cannot afford right now?

Rocking: Jonathon playing Football on the 360
Feeling: envious, longing

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