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Medicine for the soul.
Inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes

Our wedding didn't have a distinct theme a few months ago. It was a conglomerate of ideas, thoughts, patterns. But since then it has taken on a life all of its own. Our wedding now has a theme, but let me tell you a bit about us, before I charge on with our theme.

When I was still in the womb, my mother read to me. So, when I finally joined the world my first words were practically "read to me." (My first word was actually puppy.) And I drove all the grown ups around me crazy asking them to read to me. (My grandfather refused to read to any of his other grand kids after me.) So, when I hit kindergarten... I read. I read everything I could find: books, signs, posters, cereal boxes, anything. I still read like crazy today.

J Rock has much of the same story. Only his story takes on a twist. He collects books. Together we have thousands. But he collects every book he comes across. He reads a lot. We take books to bed and read together. We pick books out for each other to read. We spend most of our free time reading.

So, I bet you know our theme now. It was my mother who really gave us a book themed wedding. Yes, we had planned Harry Potter table names. Yes, the Bridesmaids are carrying decorated books. But there was not a book theme until my mother decided to order us a book cake. So, with a book cake and all the other books... comes our book themed wedding.

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