Alternative Dresses

Ever since I was a teenager and my older cousins started getting married and I would pilfer their old wedding magazines to stare at the dresses, I have loved Maggie Sottero. She has some very classy dresses that are delicious, stunning, and reasonably priced. However, I started looking at her prom dress collection the other day and have decided I might go with one of her prom dresses. Many of them come in white or a light gold. Which would be perfect for our wedding. Does this mean I wouldn't buy a regular wedding dress? Maybe. The prom dresses are just as stunning and half the price. To me, that equals a great deal. Here are my favorites.

Rocking: The Silence
Feeling: Sleepy (Ready to go Home)

In white/black (my last choice)
In White In white (my first/second choice)

In gold (my first/second choice)

All the dresses are by flirt prom by Maggie Sottero.

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