Music is one of my passions. (Along with photography, theatre, art, writing, literature, and basically anything creative.) So, I knew whether we hired a Dj or had a band or even if we just made an ipod playlist it would have to be super special. So, after photographers I started thinking about music. I ruled out a band automatically, and a classical group seemed pretty pointless as well. So, I started thinking about DJs. For us, our reception is just a big party. Replete with dancing, food, fun, and video games. So, why not?

The first guy we spoke to was a package deal with a venue we were considering. He straight up told me that he would not play the music I liked. For $400, I passed.

The next group we spoke to were much better. They were good Djs. Mildly cheesy. I got worried when he said that they would have people come to the floor for a slow dance and start playing the chicken dance. But I wanted to hear the price. And it was reasonable until they started adding on to everything. It came out to be almost $2500. I said no thanks. They were lovely, but just not right for us.

I finished interviewing DJs this week. There were 3 in this 1 company we are considering. J Rock and I had both spoken with Joel (the lead DJ) on several occasions and liked him. Well, J Rock left it up to me to interview the other 2 DJs. Let me say up front right now that I loved all 3 of them. They were all competant, intelligent, and experienced. However, I just clicked with Chris. Our personalities are so similar. The first thing he said to me was that the loved my ringback tone. That really impressed me. Then, we talked for 40 minutes. It was lovely. He said he hates to play the chicken song or any of that. He liked the same music I did. I was completely swayed. J Rock and I are discussing the contract this weekend.

Rocking: Indie Queen (Live) x Butch Walker
Feeling: upbeat

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