My wedding is not your wedding.

One of the things I have been so worried about with this blog is people taking my hard thought ideas and stealing it. Then, tonight I realized even if they do, I don't know them. Chances are no one I know will know them and will probably not be at their wedding.

This was made clear for me by my dear sweet Janie (bridesmaid and wonderful friend) only she didn't know it. We have several engaged friends and have had many get married this year. Two of our engaged pals are getting married on the same day. Friend A has had her date for awhile, while Friend B picked her date with no thoughts about the mutal friends they would share and would be torn. I think this is the height of bridezilla mode.

Which brings me to another bridezilla type issue. Strippers! I am all for my boy having a stripper (or a hundred) at his bachelor party. I don't care. Mostly because if you can't trust him... why marry him? And Jane and I were discussing this as well. He's a boy, yes, but most guys are not going to go home with a stripper. (Maybe if the stripper was gorgeous Xtina... yes, but I would expect that.)
Anyway, back to what I was saying. My wedding is not your wedding and what is going to make it special is the things Jonathon and I are going to do and who we are. So, yes steal my ideas. I'm going to open this blog up more to ideas. Not all of my ideas. I want my guest to be surprised.. but yes, steal the ones I post. But make them your own too.
So, tomorrow I am going to introduce a new segment. I haven't decided on what yet, but it will be my Wednesday thing. So, check back!

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