Something Blue

No this isn't my something blue. It's my simply stunning engagement ring from the side. I love it. It's terribly cute. Super sweet. It's me. Anyway. I just thought I would share that since it was on my camera when I uploaded my something blue!

This is my something blue. It's a baby blue Marie Antoinette style ribbon choker. I found it at a shop in town called Apple Annies. The lady who owns it is amazing. We bought my mom a gift too and she gave us a bag and tissue paper to wrap it up in all pretty.
Oh and I got my choker for $6.00! I'm thinking about finding a pretty pearl pendant to attach to it. I know this might sound completely tacky.. but there is an old Kenneth Pool ad that has the model with about 6 pearl necklaces and I want that. It's so fashionista and flashing balls. So. Let me see if I can find the ad online. I can't. Anyway. That's what I would like. I already have 3 pearl necklaces... just pearls... one is a two stranded one.. JB calls it "the big guns" necklace. Lol. So we shall see.

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