Inspiration Abounds

Wow oh wow. So, I've been browsing on and off all day at the beautiful, inspiring ideas in two places in particular. One is the beautiful ideas and quirkiness of classicbride. The other is the DIY projects and inspiration from oncewed.

I really have put alot of general ideas into my wedding plans and have bookmarked ideas of things for details and I have so many ideas floating around in my head it's a bit crazy. Anyway. I was thinking that I am so eclectic and I love so much eclectic stuff that my wedding is going to have to be streamlined or else it will look like a mish mash of randomness. Which while that does describe me and my boy it is not the way I want to present us.

So, while at classicbride I found the lovely invitation designer, Mew Paper Arts. And while I borwsed invites I also looked for other things. And I found the cutest cards ever. So I bought some.

I thought they would help me write wonderful notes to people. Plus, I am in love with all things India.

Next post I'm going to show you my location sites and tell you some about the ideas I have floating in my head. I'm crazy today. Really. I'm all over the place.

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