DIY Bride

I never thought I'd be a complete DIY Bride. I never thought that I would do alot of wedding things on my own or with my family. However, I am not one to back down on a challenge so when my boy challenged me to cut the budget I started thinking about things I could do myself or with help.

1. Flowers. I never thought I would do this, but I want fresh flowers and my mom used to be a floral designer before I was born. So, I think we can muddle through the simple flower designs. It will make my mom feel special and well... it'll be nice to try it together.

2. Cake. My mom, matron of honor and bridesmaids are all talented at this. So I bet we can rock out some couture cupcakes or mini cakes. Plus, I am kick ass baker.

3. Design. I can decorate like an ace. So can my attendants and family. The centerpieces will be intricate but elegant and simple. We can do it.

4. Wreaths. My mom is pretty crafty. So, we are going to make the wreaths, monogram wreaths, and the mistletoe ball.

5. Invites/Stationary. This is my specialty. I know my way around word and photoshop. So, no problems here.

6. Makeup. I am a makeup artist anyway. Who else would I trust with this? I'll do my own makeup. No big deal.

7. Mani/Pedi. Also, I am good at this. All those years in theatre, makeup classes, and nail classes mean I can handle that. I won't be doing my hair though.

There are some thing I'm not doing. The hot food, my hair, my dress, any of the attire really, or the photography/videography. In fact, photography is our biggest expense. Tomorrow, I will give you a post about my photographer. Her contract is laying, signed, on my coffee table. I'll mail it out tomorrow and let her know. I'm really excited about this part.

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