Bridal Show and Ideas

So, I'm back at work after being sick. That was quite an ordeal and I am glad it is over with now. I work tomorrow and then I am off for a long weekend, but I bet you'd rather hear about the bridal show. It was the My Bella Bridal Show in Ga. I met some great vendors. However, I was underwhelmed. I might have found my day of, DJ, and rental company though! The fashion show was somewhat ridiculous with those very cheaply made dresses that look somewhat like polyester. *sigh* Nonetheless, my boy and I had fun. We sat out on the peir for about 30 minutes before it began. It was delicious. Then, we got a nice gift basket.

I'm on a kick. I am working on my programs! (Shocking since it is over 14 months until the big day.) I am working on our STDS. (Not shocking since those need to go out soon.) I am making a list and gathering some shot I love for my photographer. Not that she needs much help, but it's always good to convey what you'd like so they have an idea of the pictures in your head (an ipod cable linking us would work better!).

I work at my venue as you may know. I see it everyday and I can't help to plan and plot and get ideas on a daily basis. My current idea is to put candles EVERYWHERE outside. I mean, on the backs of the stone benches, on the outside stairs, on the top of the veranda, inside the chapel, inside the buildings, on the porch. I mean... EVERYWHERE. Since it will be evening and winter it would look cozy. I'm also thinking about those lovely floral monograms you see everywhere, but not just on the doors in other areas as well. All in all I think it shall be lovely.

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