I want to chew my arm off!

Okay, seriously this is how searching for a semi-decent priced videographer makes me feel. No! I do not see the point in paying $2800!!!! for a 6 hour video of myself I will watch like twice in my life. No I don't see the point in paying $800! to make this happen. I mean... for christ's sake have we forgotten what videography is? It's some guy you don't know holding a camera and standing there for 3 hours, maybe walking around, maybe doing some zooming in. That's it! And to top it off.... the DVDS... are from wal-mart. They are.. they may say they aren't but they are and they just fancy them up. OMG! I want to chew my arm off. However, my lovely groomzilla (I say that lovingly) reminds me that this is not healthy and I shouldn't chew my arm off.

How about some pretty pictures to make me not crazy?

This is how JB wants me to wear my hair! from here

Aren't these stunning!?! from Ftd!

Yum. From here.

I think... new inspiration board this weekend! Maybe.

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