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I thought I would share a few things that I DIYed for the wedding. I thought I would start with the programs since we are talking about the ceremony.

HPIM3509First off, excuse my messy table. I bought heavy card stock from the paper store in town and then borrowed the cutter from my husband’s book store. Then, I trimmed off about 2 inches.

HPIM3510  HPIM3512 I had printed the programs out (about 5.5 x 5.5 inches) and then I had to trim them.

HPIM3516HPIM3523Then, I used a single hole punch (actually I went through 3 of them because of the thickness of the cardstock with the 12 pages of program) to punch out two holes. Then, I took a length of ribbon and tied to two together.

HPIM3524 HPIM3525After, I got the ribbon in. I glued on an envelope (the same ones we used with our Save the Dates and our inner envelope of the invitations) to the other side of the inside cover. I then used our paisley stamp we used on all our paper stuff and stamped orange metallic ink over the envelope flap. Then, I tri folded 3 kleenex squares and put in the envelope.

HPIM3528 HPIM3529    After that I put in the bookmarks I made  (I used the left over cardstock, printed a couple sheet of a bookmark design I whipped up, punched a hole in the top and then tied it with ribbon). Then, I added to the front cover a design I made, printed, and cut. I attached it with scrapbook black photo corners and was done.

HPIM3531HPIM3530  HPIM3532There’s a better image of the bookmark. It was so much fun (and time consuming) making these programs. But I’m not going to lie. I don’t think I ever want to do that again.

*All photos are author’s own collection. 

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