Personal Reflections: Ceremony

I was in an extreme hurry to get our ceremony started. It could be because I was worried about all of our guests that had to drive home in the horrible winter storm, the fact that I was barefoot on the cold stone floor, or nerves. Either way, I couldn’t wait to get started.

And the moment I walked through the door and saw our guests and Jonathon standing at the alter … I smiled. I almost tripped going up, but I just laughed it off.

Then, the moment I took Jonathon’s hand nothing else mattered. Nothing. I looked in his eyes, we talked quietly, we smiled, we wept a little. And we laughed. Laughed at our mistakes (it’s hard for the perfectionist in me to do that) and we improvised. It was the most present I felt. It was also the most surreal I had felt.

Leading up to the ceremony, I think I mostly in out of body, freaked out and worried because of the weather (it really was that bad) and other things that I wasn’t completely focused.

However, it was incredibly nice to just see the look on Jonathon’s face. I almost kissed him during the candle light ceremony and he giggled and said that we couldn’t. I laughed and looked over at our guests holding their candles.. it was overwhelming.

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