A note on our wedding

I had been intending to post this for a weeks now, but I wanted to post this closer to our wedding day as a note on our wedding. I do hope you will forgive me for fibbing a bit on my last post being the last before the wedding. I wrote this several weeks ago and as I go into my wedding tomorrow with the most uncommon peace. I hope you will take a moment to reflect on what it means to be married, to get married, to live your life with a single person by your side. It's bliss. So, I will see you in a few weeks with recaps galore, but for now... enjoy the post.

Our wedding didn't start out being an exhibition in our personal style. It also didn't really have theme.

Our wedding has evolved from an elaborate Marie Antoinette inspired affair that had a snowy winter feel to it to what it is at this moment. We were going with shocking white, silver, and navy as our main color scheme. Then we started hunting for venues and every where we looked was cream and gold. So, I decided that we would revise our color scheme to be cream, gold, and another color. I wasn't sure what color.

Then, we saw an orange, gold, and cream tie and I fell in love. We bought the tie and then based our color scheme. I really got into this. I adore the color orange and Jonathon is a huge UT Vols fan. So, it seemed appropriate. Immediately the plans didn't change so much. It was still going to be this massive Marie Antoinette affair.

Then, slowly over the course of planning we added things that we love. A pair of UT K-Swiss shoes, an orange and white Wai-Ching dress, a UT tie, a sari I got in India, our favorite books, our favorite band, pizza from our favorite mom and pop Italian place, and our homemade apple pie.

And somehow our wedding has evolved into being us. It's a wedding that you can obviously tell that we planned… TOGETHER. That we loving put the work and effort into. Our centerpieces won't be sculpted flower masterpieces (and probably not magazine worthy) but they will be put together by our family and friends. Our ceremony won't be kitchy and you won't see us dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown (we despise Chris Brown and his wife beating ways) or catch our video on youtube. What you will get is the love that we feel for each other, our family and friends. Our wedding is a reflection of us. Not the us that wedding magazines and the wedding world wants us to be… but I have peace that our wedding reflects the Amy and Jonathon you would get if you stopped by our apartment in NC on any random day and had a good home cooked dinner with us.

Anyone up for some homemade spinach lasagna with Parmesan Reggiano and some down south sweet tea?

A side note: at this moment I am so vested in this wedding. Every thing that we love is included, pieces of our souls, us as a couple, and the life we lead together and want to in the future is laid bare. It's tremendous, bigger than us, encompassing our love, and hopes. From our ceremony script to the music, the flowers to the dress have all been picked out lovingly, with care and precision. That said.. some things are not perfect. They are part of my f it moment. Like the seed packets are cute, but not perfect. The calligraphy I practiced on the invitations aren't perfect, but I did each one with love with Jonathon's help. Planning this wedding has taken so much of us. So much that we carefully put into it.

We hope that all of our guests enjoy themselves. We hope that people will walk away from our wedding never doubting the love that is inside our hearts. We are truly two people invested not just in a wedding, but in our love, our commitment to each other, our new (and old families) and the awesome power that has melded us into two separate but perfectly balanced people who are trying to be better for the other. I hope that all we put into this truly shows those things. Our love, our happiness, and our dreams.

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