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I love fall and I am ready for the change of seasons for many reasons. I love the crisp cool air, the rain that never seems to end here, the changing colors on the trees, the sickly sweet smell of decay (dead leaves) in the air, the foods (soups/chilies/warm), football, and mostly the start of school and Halloween (my favorite holiday).

But after fall, comes winter and with winter… our wedding day. Which the closer it looms the more I am looking forward to and the more I have to do. I know that there are so many things that I am doing early and maybe out of sequence. But it’s the way that feels natural to us. Yes, I would like to have my hair trial at the end of September. Why? I don’t know. I just do. I think it comes with the territory that right now I am hating my long locks (my stylist and Jonathon refuse to let me cut it until December 19th at the earliest) and if I see something tangible I won’t want to cut it so badly.

With my to do list seemingly to shrink (thank heavens) and more time can be devoted to enjoying friends, family and the process. Our first shower is next weekend. I am looking forward to the shower, and not for the gifts. I can’t wait to see some people that I know will be there. Friends and family members I haven’t gotten to see in the past few months.

I guess what I’m saying is… enjoy the process… no matter how early you are doing things, or in what order.. the point is… the process of planning a wedding is a preparation for you (and your boy) to find bliss. Engagements shouldn’t be tangled webs of problems. Don’t feel bad or think you are wrong or strange if you do something out of The Knot’s sequence of events or Martha’s master plan. You are not Martha!

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