Wedding aside, I love Jonathon. I love that right now we have a ton of things to accomplish before going home to Tennessee to see our family, my bridesmaids, and all the people I care about for the fourth... I love that with my migraine from heck and all my being worn out from work, he came in and massaged my head and neck to try to get rid of my headache.

This is why you get married. To have someone who cares about you enough to massage away your migraine (which he always does for me) and to cuddle you when you feel like crying and to give you a squeeze when you are nervous and eat lunch with you and steal your blankets at night and to hold you when you have a nightmare and vice versa. Marriage isn't about anything other than letting one person know that you love them and have such a stake in their life that you would like to share the small things and the big things and cry and laugh and hold hands when you walk to the mailbox and watch stupid movies and play mini golf and look forward to see the new Harry Potter movie together. You want to be able to wake up and go to sleep knowing that someone is there to get your back, fight your battles, and sometimes just admit defeat with you.

I need Jonathon in my life like an alcoholic needs booze. He's amazing and smart and he listens and takes care of me and I try to do the same for him. We make a great team. So... even though I am giddy at the thought of seeing my dress.... I am more giddy because that man of my dreams will be standing at the altar and smiling at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world... because he truly believes that... and because he is the guy I want to stand beside forever. And he makes mean naan.

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