As most of you know, I lost my job earlier in the year due to budget cuts. However, I have been working still with a different department (actually any department) part time. I had applied for another position as well. I did not get that position. However, the head of the department was apparently impressed by me and really wanted to find a spot for me in her budget. She has been working on that. She told me 2 weeks ago that arrangements had been made for me to work part time with her office. However, that fell through. So, I am back to being unemployed come the end of summer.

I am going for a job interview today. I would really love this job. I am praying for a miracle and that I can get this job. When the job first came open I didn’t apply since I thought I had secured a job. It was when I was keeping up with candidates for positions in the school. I know there were more than 50 applicants then. When I asked about it I was told that they had made an offer.  That fell through and I was allowed to apply.

Jonathon and I really need this job. Otherwise, our whole financial future is completely uncertain.  It’s scary. I’ve been going through periods of hope and period of depression. My psyche is taking a beating. It’s been a rough year for us so far.  I am hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

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