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I’ve been busy on the wedding front in many ways. Jonathon and I went back to our hometown a few weekends ago. We met with our officiant (Dr. Roberts) and took our flower girl and my future sister in law to lunch. (We also got new cell phones, but that’s aside from the point.)

Hannah, my sweet flower girl, is Jonathon’s cousin. She’s 11, smart, precocious, and fun to be around. She actually said to me “I’m glad you’re marrying Jonathon.” Which made my day. I love Hannah. She’s sweet.

I have also worked on other little things, but my mom got me part of my wedding jewelry for my birthday and my garter. I have to share these two things with you.

WED020My garter mom got on sale. It’s a Mindy Weiss set.

I really wanted a nice garter, but nothing really fancy. We aren’t doing a traditional toss, but we are doing a toss. Basically, Jonathon only has one single guy friend and he is going to give the garter to him instead of tossing it.

The necklace, my mom got from an Indie website called Shana Logic

1632_bri_down_full2 1632_bri_down_full5 I really wanted my something blue (a light blue ribbon choker) to not be wasted or hidden. I happen to love blue and orange together so I opted not to hide it. Instead, I found this lovely cameo (which I love cameos… I have since I was a little girl going through my great- grandmother’s cameos.) So, as another tribute to her and to accentuate my lovely choker I am going to use this. I’ll take it off the blue and put it on my choker. Sigh. So lovely.

So, how are your wedding plans going?

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