Boys will be boys


My friend Marsheena has been helping me look around at tux prices. I really like these from Kiss the Groom. Jonathon does as well. But they would have to be in cream. I’m not a big fan of vests or cummerbunds.  I really wanted something laid back and chic for the boys.

This is seriously the only picture I’ve found of groom looks that I actually adore. It’d be perfect with their orange ties, pocket squares, and the UT shoes. Seriously.

Marsheena, however, told me that white tuxes usually start at $100. Wow. I knew they would be pricey, but I didn’t know $100. Of course, I did budget for it.

It’s not really time for us to go look at tuxes yet. That will come soon. But I think I like this chic suit more than a tux. Oh, I wish it was here already. Jonathon looks hot in everything!

Oh! I lied. Suspenders?suspenders_01From Green Wedding Shoes.

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