To Do Lists

I love to do lists. Some people hate them, but I love them. I make them for home, work, anything. I even have one… yes for the wedding. I know there is some controversy over wedding to do lists. I understand the stress that to do lists (and the absurdity of most of the wedding industry lists) can cause. However, I don’t follow those lists. I wouldn’t follow a Good Housekeeping list to clean my bathroom, so I wouldn’t follow a list from The Knot to plan our wedding. I do separate it out into months, but I’m not tied down to my list. Here’s why I make my list the way I do. I don’t want to forget things. I make into steps so that I feel like I’ve accomplished something even if it’s not really that much, and it’s flexible. If I don’t finish a task (or start it) in April.. well it will be moved to May. And if I finish an October task in April.. well awesome. So, for me my list keeps me organized and makes sure I get everything done, but it also helps make me feel good because I feel in control. Now my actual list is long, but I thought each month from now until the wedding.. I’d share my to do list with you for the month.

AprilDecide on altar décor
AprilTalk to Kort re: videography
AprilPlan Vow Renewal Ceremony
AprilPlan Vow Renewal Reception
AprilReserve New Zion for VR
AprilTalk to Kort re: flower girl dress
AprilGet 2nd engagement photos made
AprilDecide how to deal with the videography problem
AprilMake a guest list for VR
AprilDiscuss menu/rentals with caterer
AprilWork on catering contract
AprilBuy ribbon, material, paper for toss
AprilWork on wedding playlists
AprilWork on ceremony music
AprilReception stations (guestbook, etc) logistics
AprilFinish program design
AprilMockbooth set up, logistics
AprilMake a list of assignments for all attendants
AprilDecide how many flowers we will need
AprilUpdate guest list spreadsheet as needed
AprilDecide on outdoor photo locations
AprilSelect dance songs

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