Oh sugar sugar!

I have been admiring these little adorable sugar cubes since I saw them several years ago in a bridal magazine when my cousin was getting married. She didn't serve coffee and wouldn't have splurged on something so ridiculously cute.

I on the other hand kept the cut out of these little cuties, have a digital copy in my wedding pictures files and I love them, but at $26 a box of 64 .... seriously?! Probably not going to get them. For $10? Um I'm there! I found these great little sugar hearts on sale and I snagged them.

We are serving coffee. It's part of who Jonathon and I are. We love coffee. We love sugar in our coffee. Why not have some tiny cute sugar hearts of love. (PS. I thought Jonathon would yell when I told him I bought little sugar lumps of love since they are obviously frivolous and a waste of money... that would be him talking not me. He just said.. cute and laughed.)

I love lumpy lumps of heart shaped sugar. (He must be in a good boy Valentine's mood.)

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