I was in the kitchen making sweet tea, yes.. I actually make sweet tea... daily, sometimes more for my southern boy. We are a southern couple. We live and have grown up in the south. So, I've loved Southern Weddings for as long as I have been wedding planning and been anticipating this issue forever.

So imagine my dismay... living in the south... when I couldn't find this magazine anywhere!!! So, I promptly ordered it online. I sent Jonathon out to check the mail while I made him sweet tea. And he came back in carrying a large envelope. I immediately jumped up and down and started squealing while he called me a dork. I hugged him, grabbed it and promptly opened it. Imagine my surprise to find a sweet postcard and bookmark included. I love these girls.

Thanks, Southern Weddings! I'm off to read my magazine.

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  1. Yay! So glad it arrived safely! Enjoy and congrats on your engagement, Amy!


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