Budget Talk: Part One

Just between us, I wouldn't call our wedding a "budget" wedding or "diy" or "practical". However, our wedding is all of those things. I would describe my wedding as moving, emotional, elegant, and fun.

I haven't talked much about the budget process that Jonathon and I went through. Originally, I swore I could not plan this wedding for under $10,000. I knew that for all of the posturing to do it right I would need that much. Jonathon on the other hand... well, he thought we could do it on $5,000. So, we sat down and discussed costs. I demonstrated the cost of food in one way. He wanted to have (we aren't having these at our reception.. please don't shudder in dismay and think we are serving this) pigs in a blanket. So, I told him to break down the costs. How many "pigs" would we need to feed 200 people? 400. How many blankets? 400. How many pigs come in a pack? 20. How many packs will we need? 20. How much is 1 pack? Like $6. 6 times 20 is? $120. That's without the blankets. That's just one piece. And it clicked for him. This is going to be costly.

So, he gave me a challenge. One, that at first I shied away from thinking it impossible. (PS. It was.) He challenged me to plan the kind of wedding we wanted for 200 people for $8500. Bonus points if I came under. Keep in mind that at this point we had already booked our photography, for about $1,000 under half (yes I said half) of our budget. However, I accepted ... or tried.

Yes, our budget is $8500. And I am happy to report that I am $300 under budget right now. (That's the general budget outline that I have.) Now, how am I doing it when almost half is going gladly to our amazing photographer? And I got letterpress invitations?!?! Surely, I must be joking? I'm not. I'll explain it all in Part Two later.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Um, super impressed! How on earth are you going to feed that many people with all the budget going to photography and letterpress [both of which are clearly worth it!]?! You must have amazing skills:)


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