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I'm combing several parts. Mostly, because I am just glad that the last 2 weeks are over. Jonathon's appendectomy went well. He is healing and doing very well (since we both went back to work Thursday). The funeral wasn't nearly as sad as we thought it would be. It was more of a celebration than anything. And.... some good news for a change... I am a finalist for a new position at the college I work for and the position is full time with benefits. I'm rather excited and happy.

Last part of my budget talk.

Ceremony fees were relatively low. Most of our fees are speculation based on market prices of today. Most of decoration is in candles and flowers. We are decking the stage with poinsettias (white). Candles in the windows, wreaths on the 2 doors, which we have already bought. Our officiant may be free. We haven’t asked him about fees yet, but he didn’t mention them and he is a professor we both had. We will get him something nice even if he doesn’t charge us. Our venue as I mentioned was free. Although, we are going to donate some funds to the college post wedding. Our music is being done by a friend. My mom already has the birdseed (which by the way is so much nicer for the birdies in winter). Birdseed may not be posh or creative, but it does have a positive impact on the wildlife in our area around this time. I don’t want little birdies to miss the feast. We just have to get the packets and ribbon for that. And that pretty much sums up ceremony fees.

Budget check: $4200 (ish)

Attire is easy. Jonathon plans to rent his tux and shoes. No surprise there. Which will set us back about $100 bucks. My attire isn’t so easy. However, I do plan to go light on my dress. Either a stunning Flirt by Maggie Sottero prom dress or a short dress or something completely lovely, but cheaper. I bought most of my jewelry a long time ago without a wedding in mind. (Real pearls picked up on a summer trip to India.) Otherwise, I picked up some on sale things (including my something blue and bangles). I’m possibly having a custom jacket made. I will get my designer shoes from a local store at home that sells designer shoes worn on the runway once for less than $50. (I’m talking Anne Klein, Steve Madden, Nine West, Jimmy Choos, Manolo’s.) Overall, my estimated budget (based on the plans above) is relatively cheap.

Budget check: $5200 (ish)

Okay, I know you have wanted to hear about my letterpress and how it fits here. So, I will keep you waiting no longer. First it starts with my Save The Dates. I want to wait and show you those and go into more details about them as I send them out. So, let me just say that I spent about $30 bucks on them. Then, I have designed the program already and I plan to print those out myself. So, the cost of paper and ink is the only factor there.

So, really that brings us to my invitations. My beautiful invites (which I promise to share with you when I send them) are letterpressed by the amazing Mary Beth and Amy from Peculiar Pair Press. (I HIGHLY recommend them.) I managed to get a great deal on my invites. They were running a deal on an invite suite that was perfect for us. So, I contacted them. I doubted with our budget that we could afford something so wonderful. Low and behold.. I was told that for our set, with the amount we needed (50) for 2 color invite only (it’s close friends and family I would rather call and have a personal chat with everyone than a super formal rsvp card) with printed envelope would be $450. I was sold. So, I ordered them already. I should be getting them very soon. I have a lovely wonderful friend doing the calligraphy (for free but we will give her goodies).

So, letterpress budget check: $5800

Flowers have been mixed into the ceremony and reception budget. However, here are my methods of keeping my flower cost down. I am buying local wholesale flowers, my mother is helping me arrange them. I am having y bouquet and flower girl pomander made. It’s the only thing. I’m keeping my flowers in season with only a few off season flowers. I’m keeping florals to a minimum. They are part of my tables but only in a limited understated beautiful way.
Extras have their place.

We are saving money on not getting a hotel for ourselves or renting cars. Not necessary. (This is the green in me.) We will probably take our SUV and people will probably ride with us. It’s not a thing. We are having an after party post reception. There will be alcohol, most of it we already have, but some we will get before the party. There are other random costs I haven’t included here. Such as, the later donations to the school, attendants gifts, our wedding bands, etc. Most of the cost of our wedding comes down to photography, invites, food, and extra fun things. Truth be told, this wedding may come out under $8000. We will see.

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