Wedding Colors

Okay, I'm going to straight out say this is going to be a ridiculous post about colors and venues. When (some 6 months ago) J Rock and I started planning this amazing wedding, the colors were blues/shocking white/silver. I wasn't sold on the blues, but I figured it'd be okay. Well, then after visiting our venues (which were gold and ivory) we changed our colors to gold, ivory, and some other color I was wavering on until I found Jonathon's tie and it was orange, gold, and ivory. And we chose orange as a accent color (it happens to be my absolute favorite color and in J Rock's top 3 favorite colors). It was win win, even though it's a winter... not fall wedding.

We happen to work at our venues. And I love the place. It's amazing, a college campus, it's old. It fits. But now that they have decorated for Christmas in red, white, and gold. I wonder... should I change to red, white and gold. I really don't want to. Neither of us really love red. But if we did it that way, most of the decorations are up. However, they may take these down before the end of the semester (and before our wedding) I just don't know. Red isn't a bad color. It's just not in our top five. It smacks of a Christmas Wedding and I don't want a Christmas themed wedding so much.

I know. This is absolutely silly! It's a (yep-I'm hanging my head in shame) a bridezilla moment. Sort of. I'm not throwing a tantrum. I'm just in the process of redefining and I hate to redefine! So, shut the whiny part of this post out.

Should I change my colors? Or should we add accents of red? Red and orange look great together. Oh sigh!!

Rocking: Nada
Feeling: EH!

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