Nearly Wedded Home

I believe, while not pregnant, that I am nesting. I am going through a very creative, energetic stage. (This will probably be sapped out of me by the end of the week because of the long 12 hour work days coming up. However, never fear. It always comes back.)

I have decided our apartment is another focus (outside of the wedding and studying the lsat). See, we are not planning on staying in this place very long. But I want to decorate out of college kid style into adult style. I bought new (very awesome and comfy) mattresses a few months before we knew we were moving. Jonathon's mom gave us a newish living room suite that is lovely.

But we need some updating. Like a cohesive room design. But we have this very tiny apartment with walls we can't paint. So, we will have to make do until we find a place we want to settle down in and buy a house.

I think I will introduce a new section to this blog. The Nearly Wedded Home. It will be ideas, inspirations and lovely things for the home.

Rocking: Oregon/Oregon State game
Feeling: Nesty

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