Home Sweet Home

We are back home from our trip to see our parents and J Rock's trip to ATL. It has been a busy wedding week. And a busy week period. My boy is sick today. He got a wicked virus yesterday. So I'm munching on airborne and playing nurse. But let me tell you about my week.

My mom (love her!) found a typewriter (for free!) for me for our STDS. So, the first morning I was home, I cracked it open and started to work. The work was slow and repetitive. But fun. I have a small, fairly precise area to work with. I am about halfway done and I now have it down to a science. I just need to find the envelopes to type out the addresses.

Then, Natasha (my MOH) and I went shopping for fun wedding things. It started with a trip to get wedding shoes. I found some adorable Steven by Steve Madden shoes. They were fuschia with a dragon fly rhinestone. It just wasn't what I was looking for though. So, the search continues for shoes. But we went to Hobby Lobby where I did luck out. I bought some new gold stamp ink. But I found a wonderful stamp that looks like the postage paid stamp from Paris in 1949. And one for our thank you post cards (which we already have) that says merci!. I'm so happy with those. I also found 35 gold Christmas tree balls of all sizes for $10 and some other gold, ivory and orange balls. Lovely.

On Tuesday, my wonderful engagement photographer worked through the night (Monday) so that our pictures were ready. I'll have this disk this week and will regale you with my favorites. I'm pretty excited.

It was a productive week, even though I forgot to write down the two Dj's numbers so that I could call them and I was sans internet for a week. I got a bunch done.

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