Home Again

JB and I got home yesterday and pretty much got unpacked and rested from our long week of shopping (me) and business meetings (him). I am pretty glad to be home. I caught up on wedding blogs and slept. I am well rested and ready to go back to work. I got my hair cut while I was away. I didn't do a thing on wedding planning except!, I found a great sale on Kleenex for our wedding guests. I got 2 boxes of the 280 Kleenex for $3.00! I'm going to either make packets like on wedding bee or put them in my programs or something! Not sure yet.

I also organized my pictures on my laptop into sections, worked on my STDs, and made a new inspiration board. Okay, I guess I done a little bit. So, I thought to settle back in I'd show you some pictures I've been loving right now. We are having our engagement shots done very soon since the leaves are changing colors and stuff. Thus at the moment I am in love with engagement shots. I am not sure where I found these (this was before my coding of images to know where they are from). However, if they are yours please please please tell me so I can credit you.
My newest inspiration board. I love all these elements. The fun, the party, the elegance, the ethnic traditions.
The engagement shots in the red dress are amazing!!!
This shot is just so much fun!
I love the sorta vintage bad-boy, naughty sexy shot!

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