Busy Week

I've had a busy few weeks over here. First off, I applied for graduate school. Then, we ordered a new laptop for said graduate school. Then, on Monday we headed to TN in the midst of a busy week at work to buy a new Honda Civic (which hasn't been named yet). The last student orientation program was this weekend on top of registration and check-in for old students. It was a mass of long hours, lots of talking to students and parents. PLUS, finding out I have a more permanent job was incredibly helpful.

However, life has gotten in the way of wedding plans which I am actually grateful for. I have been tired of being boring and talking nonstop about our wedding. It's about 4 months out now and people are getting excited, showers are being planned, invitations are being prepared, dresses should be arriving soon, diy projects are becoming more important, and the details are all starting to flow through the mix.

Everything seems to be moving so fast. Fall is fast approaching (thank god! I am ready for fall and cool air, changing leaves, fall tv, and football!) and it couldn't be more welcomed. I am so excited and full of life right now... if just a bit tired.

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