I also wanted to give you a list of things I have been working on  the past few weeks.

- We went to look at tuxes. We found some that we liked. I think Jonathon will get it even though it is about $160. We think that we will put the boys in classic black suits (except Jonathon) who will wear ivory.

- I have taken care of my videography problem. Jonathon’s family friend is going to do it for us. It won’t be professional, but we can get it edited later.

- We are ordering a Quaker style marriage certificate. I am having it made, but I’m not sure by whom yet.

- I set out some feeler emails to some henna artists. I just have to find one that I like now.

- I have all of my wedding jewelry. I have my earrings, my necklace, my bracelets, and all that jazz. I still need to find lingerie, gloves, and hose.

- My wedding dress should be here in a few weeks. I am pretty excited about that.  And my rehearsal dress should be here next week. I’m pretty excited about all of that.

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