So, Jonathon and I have done our registering. I’m sure we have forgotten things and that is ok. We registered at two places. CB2 (Crate and Barrel 2) and Target. We made sure there were affordable options at both places, but left some expensive presents on there (like a kitchen table and chairs since we don’t currently have one). My favorite place is CB2. I love the design, the whole feel of it.

That said, we got our first wedding present from our registry. Admittedly, it was from my mom (gotta love your parents… especially mom). But she got me 2 of each of the comma bowls above, 2 of the orange vinyl placemats, and 2 of the white appetizer bowls. Love. I really can’t wait to entertain with these. Especially seeing as how we have decided to have the rehearsal dinner at our place like a big family get together. We can serve food on them. I’m excited.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    Congratulations on your impending wedding. Gotta love Crate and Barrel. I must say that I absolutely love the title of your blog. "Queen takes a King"


    Karen O.


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