Budget Part 4: Reception Costs

Our reception fees could have been really bad. However, the 55 person guest list assured that it would narrow costs down. The first thing I needed to figure out was a menu. I’m part Italian and the idea of a sit down Italian style dinner sounded amazing. I thought about salad, breadsticks, pizza, and pasta. So, I talked to the caterer about it. She hasn’t gotten back to me yet so I am guessing on some things (but they are educated guesses.)

However, while I was waiting to hear from her I thought about our favorite pizzeria here. They make completely original Italian pizza. Everything is made from scratch, the ingredients are all fresh, it’s made delicious and to order, but unmistakably Italian. Real tomatoes, real olive oil, fresh mozzarella. I called to see how much it would cost to get enough breadsticks (with their delicious sauce) and pizza for 60. They informed it would cost $150. Yes, $150. So, I figured if my caterer takes care of the lasagna for 60, the wait staff, and the salad I would be happy. And it would cost us somewhere about $500-600 dollars. I am going to make the sweet and unsweet tea. We will grab a couple of bottles of champagne (since most of our family doesn’t drink) and a few 2 liters.

Now, desert was trickier. My mom commissioned a cake for us already that she is paying for. It’s a lovely book cake that a baker friend of hers in making. So, our wedding cake was free. Then, Jonathon’s Neyland Stadium groom’s cake is only $50. We found a baker close to campus on a tip from a wedding planner in Knoxville. My aunts and grandma and Jonathon are making pies and cakes. My mom is helping me make banana pudding and cheesecake.

Our reception decorations (most of them ) were bought on sale for half price after Christmas. My father got me a gift certificate for Christmas that footed that bill. The fresh flowers my mom and I are arranging since she used to do them, and we are buying them at wholesale. All we like now are the containers. Which I plan to pick up all on sale, in thrift stores, ect.

So my budget is now $4000 (approximately).

Up next? Paper Products, Ceremony Expenses, Attire, Flowers, and Etc.

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