I don't have a wedding wish today. It's not that I'm not wishing for wedding things left and right, but most of it is so trivial that it doesn't matter. (Like I wish I knew if they were going to change catering companies over the summer, I wish I knew what dress I wanted...) None of that is good blogging, or interesting to anyone but me.

So, I decided to give you a list of things I wish I could do or that I would like to learn to do. Ready?

I wish I knew how to speak Italian and how to cook great homemade Italian food, authentic Italian.

I wish I could speak Hindi so that next time I go to India I won't be hindered by my lack of speaking the language.

I wish I knew how to swim. I took lessons when I was 3 but they didn't stick living as I did in the middle of the country in MO, with no discernible body of water nearby. So, I forgot and now I splash around in 5 foot pools but don't swim. Maybe my ex-swim team fiance can teach me.

I wish I knew how to cut a diamond. Just because.

I wish I could read all the books I come across, and that I would never stop learning.

I wish I knew how to sew a yo-yo. (Mom's going to have to teach me one day.) Not because I long to sew, but because.. it's something to know.

I wish I knew how to organize a closet like a pro, because right now mine looks like a hurricane just recently went through it.

I wish I knew how to make organic, 100% pure and healthy sugar cookies (that taste amazing).
And lastly, (for today anyway) I wish I knew how to juggle.

Anything you wish you knew how to do?
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  1. When you figure out the closet thing, come on over to my house! :) I have SO many wishes and hopes for learning new things. www.43things.com has really helped me make a concrete list!


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