Wedding Debates

Jonathon and I have been preparing and debating for so long most of our wedding uncompromises have became compromises. Like I refused to compromise on invites, cakes, dresses, photography, and others. Jonathon waited me out. And my ideas came around to thinking about how I really want a house. So, we've been debating.

The first thing we were debating on in our no kids wedding is well.. the flower girl and ring boy. I really don't want a 5 year old screaming at our wedding. It invokes fear in my heart. However, Jonathon has a 12 year old (well she will be at our wedding date) cousin who is dying to be a flower girl. It was the first thing she asked his sister about. After a ton of thought and seeing the cuties at Claire's wedding. I think I would love to have this mature little girl be in our wedding. Perhaps, it would even be fun. We shall see.

The next debate we have had has been about bouquet and garter tosses. I immediately ruled out the bouquet toss. All my friends are dating/married and the single few would be horrified at having to do this. I opted for the names written on my shoes theory. I like it much better and I suppose they would too.
However, I do believe the boys would love a garter toss. These images also made me think it would be fun! I'm not Britney (thank god!) But I still think we'd have fun. However, we are discussing this with the best man and everyone else. (The best man said "Hell yeah, I gotta win that sh*t!) So that settles it. Garter toss is in.
Something else we hadn't really considered was an absolute theme. However, our wedding decided for us. We will have a book themed wedding and it couldn't fit us better. We both love books. We collect and read them. I would bet we have thousands if not hundred thousands of books. Thus, we have sprung on to this idea. Perhaps with some force. I'm rather excited about it. The bridesmaids will carry aptly decorated books. The centerpieces will have them. They will not be all white like the ones over to your left, but they will be there. We have a few things up our sleeves where this is concerned.
(Images credit: The top picture is from Martha. The second picture is from Wedding Roundup. The last is from Bride's Cafe.)

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