These days I’m sifting through ideas left and right. Things that are small that have been put off until a later date and that later date is now. We have about 4 months (okay and a half) left to go before the wedding and I am picking up ideas and putting them down like shirts at Macy’s looking for the right ones. There are many ideas that we have held onto and will take them with us when we check out, but others that we liked have been replaced with ruffle tops we like better.

Ideas we looked at and put back on the shelf:
1. Digital scrapbook/guestbook – we loved the idea of this, but I just don’t have the time to devote to it and make it wonderful right now with all the other diy projects we have going on, my job, life, planning my sister in law’s wedding, and grad school.

2. Wishes jars or similar – I didn’t want to overwhelm my guests with hoops they had to jump through. I really wanted our reception to be a laid back, family dinner. I wanted to be able to see my guests, talk to each of them, get pictures with them, and be able to spend time with the people we love.

3. How we know everyone chart – I liked the idea, but I wasn’t sure how to display it. Although, now I am reconsidering this and putting it in the program. Okay, maybe, but only if I have time.

4.Games – for the guests to play… see my answer for 2.

5.Traditional Wedding stuff – no unity candle, that didn’t resonate true to either of us instead we have opted for a candle light ceremony. No ultra cheesy heard a thousand times songs (ie: Bless the Broken Road!). In fact, my entrance song is so unique… I’m waiting until after the wedding to tell you. No real bouquet or garter toss. Instead we are giving those items (or something similar) to friends that we know should have something special. No punch!

Ideas we loved and kept to wear on that day:
1. DIY photobooth – We work on a college campus and JRock runs the bookstore. So he has college kids working for him. One of my favorite employees of his is a blast to be around. She’s fun, spunky, crazy awesome. She is doing the camera manning for pizza. Seriously a great deal and it will be fun to see those pictures of our family and friends.

2.Quaker style marriage certificate – We really wanted something special for our marriage certificate that was beautiful, one of a kind, meaningful, and had some sort of resonance for our guests and us. It lets them know that we are accountable for this marriage. They know we have said we would go through the trenches to make this marriage last and not be a statistic and says to them… we know you know and you have to be our support community and help us through all the trials. It really meant quite a bit to us.

3. Knowing our officiant – JRock and I both had our officiant in class. He was my work study advisor. He really connected with me and he is someone we both know, love, and admire. We were glad that he accepted our request. He really is a great man.

4. Good food we LIKE – We went with foods we already know we love. Regional favorites that make our mouth water. True northern Italian pizza from a local pizzeria, desserts made by the hands of our family, true comfort lasagna, handmade breadsticks, cookies and milk. It’s not fancy, but it sure tastes good.

5.Small guest list – we have a max of 60 and we like it that way. It means we get to spend time with our guest rather than smiling across the crowded room at them. Plus, we are having a big reception in our home town for our family and friends who couldn’t come and that is pot luck and wonderful.

6. Cultural Elements - Menhdi, UT football (it is cultural in the South), books, and things. It is a truly unique and personal wedding.

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